Women's Measurement Tips

Womens Sizing

Here are some tips for measurements.  Please be as accurate as possible when selecting your size.   

Men's Measurements

Coat Measurement and Length

 Chest measurement should be made similar to the chart using measuring tape placed at the arm pits.  Waist measurements should be done just above the hip bones.  Coat length is determined by height.

Suit Length             Your Height

Short (S)                   5'4" to 5'7 1/2"

Regular (R)               5'8" to 6'2"

Long (L)                    6'2 1/2" to 6'5"

Suit chest size and waist size will come with a six inch difference.  For example, a coat with a 36" chest size will come with pants at a 30" waist. 

Depending on your body shape and measurements, you may want to consider using your waist measurement to determine suit size.  In the event your waist is close to or exceeds your chest measurement, we recommend selecting a suit that matches your waist.  For example, if your waist is 44"  and your chest measures 42" to 46", a suit with a chest size of 50" may be the best fit.  Even though the suit may fit loose around the shoulders, it will fit comfortably around your midsection or stomach area (belly) and close naturally.  Contact us if you should have any questions.